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Why is a property a PUD #PUD ?

P.U.D. stands for Planned Unit Development as a term for NH real estate that has residential homes on lots divided upon 1 parcel of land. #PUD owners own their structure and exclusive use of some portion of the site on which the home exists.

Bartlett NH real estateThe best laymans’ description I have heard is to call this a “landominium”. The homeowners’ association (or developer) owns all the land as common land and the ownership of sites constitutes ownership of the structure and the right to use the site as prescribed in the covenants and restrictions and/or rules of the association and by deed. In most states this is called cluster housing. This is a method for creating housing, often with exceptions to local density and/or zoning restrictions, using the common land as a part of the calculation for overall housing density. This is a great solution for large parcels with too much non-buildable land. The open land can get factored in to the design for building lots. Cul-de-sacs and circuit roads are common characteristics of a PUD.

Where are there PUD properties in Bartlett and Conway NH?

Bartlett PUD real estateThe benefit of a planned unit development, or cluster housing in an area like the Mount Washington Valley is that it allows for development along rivers and other waterfront that can create more housing options while preserving the ecology and aesthetics of the waterfront land. Another benefit of a #PUD is that areas with a lot of slope or unusable wetlands can maximize the construction on the usable land and spread the housing density out as part of the entire parcel. In The Mt Washington Valley, and in many parts of the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Maine, many parcels of land have rivers, cliffs, swamps, and ponds. Especially within 20 min of North Conway Village, which is the center of the map for housing values in the area. There is a #PUD in Bartlett NH on the side of Attitash Mountain, that allows for homes and condo – duplex PUD development along Cow Hill Rd while taking the slope of the mountain into account along the entire piece of land. This is great example of a Bartlett PUD #PUD . Because of the Saco River and the general terrain of the White Mountains and the growth of tourism, Bartlett and North Conway – Conway have really seen more Planned Unit Development than anywhere else I can name in Carroll County. 

What are the Benefits of Owning in a PUD? #PUD

This takes me back to the landominium concept. In many cases the clustering of housing makes it more likely that homeowners within the PUD could benefit from clustered services. Often, this is established as a benefit from the start. Landscaping and snow removal and sometimes even trash removal are all services that many Bartlett NH and North Conway NH Planned Unit Developments offer within an association fee. In some cases this will include services on the individual home sites, just like a condominium. The offer of rake and shovel free living can be very appealing for year round or vacation home owners. A PUD will often have a shared amenity for the homeowners. Ski trail access, river access and walking trails can be integrated into the PUD design to bring more value to the benefit of the common land. The property taxes, already super-low in Bartlett NH, are also lower, usually. This is reflective of the structure and developed site with lesser value applied to the share of the common land. For many people the benefits of collective services and some structure to the neighborhood hold real value.

PUD Bartlett NH real estate

What is Down-Side to Owning in a PUD?

In general, the down side to a PUD is more about the idea of independence. A #PUD association is likely to be more than just a “road association” (a formal or often informal collective of owners on a private road that agree to cooperate, financially, in the upkeep and snow removal on the road alone). If someone doesn’t like neighborhood rules than a thorough reading of the association by laws and most recent minutes should be just as important as the seller’s disclosure of property condition. It is very important to get a feel for the spirit of the association, which is often expressed most vocally by the residents with the longest term of ownership and most time on their hands. De facto “Association Police” are the #1 complaint I hear when anyone wants out of a condo or PUD or homeowners’ association. That having been said, I actually hear very little complaining from PUD owners. It is generally more relaxed than a condominium association, and very often, the other owners purchased for many of the same reasons. We like to call that homogeneous use. If everyone likes to have a fire-pit then fire pits will be allowed…. It is important to know the rules and the spirit of an association beforehand. Extra vehicles and clotheslines and many other things can be addressed in the docs that may make a difference in your decision to by a property in the development.

Is Property Maintenance Different with a PUD?

In most cases, any shared services are going to only go to your front step. Maintenance of the structure and often the yard within a specified distance of the structure, the “exclusive use area”, is the responsibility of the home owner. Unlike a condominium, decks, roofs and driveways etc are not maintained by the association. Keep in mind, however, that the association by laws may dictate color choices and require approval of any exterior modifications. The goal of such restrictions is to keep the property values consistent for the neighborhood. Getting a clear handle of the cost of specific maintenance is important in your purchase decision.

Bartlett NH PUD for saleWritten by Bill Barbin, Real Estate Broker with Keller Williams Lakes and Mountains Realty in North Conway NH. Bill can be reached by phone/text at 603-986-0385 or email me at bill@ilovenorthconway.com

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