Drone pictures on all of my listings in NH and Maine! Good or Bad?


North Conway NH Real Estate Agent brings drone photography to every property for sale in NH and Maine!

Well…. Specifically every listing that I have for sale in NH and Maine! 

NH carroll county drone real estateThe time has finally arrived! It is hard to find a property that wouldn’t benefit from drone photography. So why isn’t it in use everywhere? Drones have gotten cheaper. The answer isn’t very complicated; The average agent doesn’t feel the need to adopt new technology until forced to do so by the expectation of the consumer. New tech costs money. New tech takes time to learn. Drone technology requires a license to operate (from the FAA) or a bigger budget to pay for drone images.

It really takes a commitment to one’s own business and a desire to raise the bar professionally to go through the steps needed to just take the 1000 question FAA test, let alone go so far as to earn the license and get the insurance required to use a drone. North conway nh real estate office kwHowever, once having obtained the proper certifications drone imagery can be the most powerful tool in engaging buyer interest AND in presenting the most accurate data about a property. With unlimited access to drone photos and video I am able to capture the sights and the feeling of the area and the property “on the go” and grab updated images as needed to keep the ads fresh and attractive.

Keeping the consumer engaged and interested is the biggest challenge we face in the media bombarded world we live in today. I accept the challenge to keep my media fresh and exciting in order to keep my clients’ properties at the forefront of buyers’ minds.

For more info, contact Bill Barbin by text or voice at 603-986-0385 or bill@ilovenorthconway.com

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